Virtual Background

Allow for a virtual background or options to include (similar to zoom)

Yass! My product marketers are begging for virtual backgrounds. We’re doing a webinar with a recorded presentation of our host in a green screen studio; then it’ll flip to live Q&A and he’ll just be in his house and the illusion is ruined. Please make virtual/branded backgrounds an option!

YES! this is the number 1 complaint I get with live presenting. We need virtual backgrounds

Absolutely! Also the #1 question I get and if you want to compete with Zoom, this is a necessity.

If anyone is looking to set up a virtual background as a workaround it is possible using Open Broadcast Software and a green screen (or a solid colored wall can sometimes work). It was very simple to setup and there are several guides. It may not be best for a one-time presenter, but green screens are cheap enough for your own presenters that are in-house if you’ve got a space for it.

OBS is available here:

Here is a video about it, but there are tons of resources for setting it up:

I use OBS so I can screen share or switch between multiple cameras and a bunch of other things and have just followed guides to set up each one. It’s extremely flexible.

You could also use it to stream a Zoom conference with virtual backgrounds into On24 directly using screen share or hooking into Zoom (which is more complex and difficult).

Feel free to reach out if you need any more info, I mostly just google’d what I was looking to do, but can point people in the right direction.

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Another workaround for virtual backgrounds could be using Snap Camera. There are risks (think about the viral situations where professionals turned themselves into cats or potatoes and didn’t know how to remove the filter). But in select situations, it could be an alternative.

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There is another workaround if your company uses Teams or Skype. In the connection control panel in Elite Studio if you choose the “Skype” option (works the same for Teams) you can connect via one of those provided your company has set up the ability to call out externally. You copy the link provided into your Teams/Skype desktop App and connect. Then, if you turn on your virtual background in Teams it shows up in ON24.